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Sprintex vs edelbrock frs

It's an exciting time to be a sport compact enthusiast. They are fantastic handling cars, but at horsepower they are a bit feeble in the power department. Edelbrock has done a fantastic job engineering superchargers that look like they came from the factory. The kit comes with an independent heat exchanger and molded lines, with a low-profile surge tank. The last piece of the puzzle is their new air intake inlet. The self-contained oil system has an ,mile service interval no drilling or plumbing required.

Edelbrock includes very comprehensive, full color instructions that can be downloaded hereso we are only going to provide an installation overview. This CARB legal kit is good in all 50 states, and we have the sticker to prove it. The increased thermal efficiency makes them nearly as efficient as a turbo but with instant power response. We enlisted the help of ACM Performance to help with bolting on our blower.

The first order of business is to remove the front bumper, which is easily accomplished via some 10mm bolts and push pins along the top of the bumper, splash shield, and inner fender liner.

The air inlet is removed and disconnected from the factory noise generator, which pipes engine noise back into the cabin. After removing the fuel rails, injectors, and throttle body, the stock composite intake manifold comes out quickly. Now it's just time to prep a few things, like the heat exchanger, before the supercharger is ready to be bolted in place.

An additional pre-made connector will attach to the battery's power terminal to supply power to the Edelbrock water pump. The heat exchanger that's in charge of keeping the Edelbrock supercharger cool mounts directly in front of the factory air conditioning condenser. The heat exchanger bolts in place without any modifications. And just like that, the E-Force supercharger, looking like a fighter jet from a futuristic sci-fi movie, drops in place.

The pre-formed water lines will navigate their way from the back of the supercharger's intercooler plumbing up to the heat exchanger and back. The fuel lines along with the stock rails and injectors will be reused. To assure the smoothest operation of the drive-by-wire system, the factory throttle body is reused.

An O-ring seal keeps the gap between the throttle body and supercharger airtight. A dedicated reservoir feeds into a water pump that sends fluid through the heat exchanger and back to the intercooler.

It's a closed loop air-to-water intercooler system as you find with virtually all screw- and rotor-type superchargers. Edelbrock supplies an all-new cold-air intake inlet with large panel filter that's a direct bolt in. It funnels a straight shot of air through the mass airflow housing and into the supercharger.

After filling up the coolant reservoir and reattaching the front bumper, the FR-S is ready for the dyno. With our base map installed, we headed over to AutoWave, Inc. We love how the E-Force looks like it came from the Toyota factory — a rightly suitable tick box on the option list. The installation can be accomplished in about eight hours and without a lift! Power came in at horsepower and With Edelbrock's tune we were able to click off horsepower and JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. A legend has been reborn and the Supra is back! We love to see the Supra back in Toyota's lineup, so much so we went out and bought one! Click the new products link to see the newest items available for your vehicle and If you haven't already be sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel!

Ships From Factory. This supercharger system from Jackson Racing is sure to please a variety of people. From those looking for a Carb Certified solution to those who are looking for reliable power for a daily driver or track vehicle, this product is the solution. The Rotrex C supercharger provides a strong and smooth power band, while also maintaining perfect drivability and excellent fuel economy. The provided Jackson Racing ECU calibration is the product of hundreds of hours of dyno testing and thousands of miles of road and track testing.

The Jackson Racing developed ECU calibration features proprietary tuning developments giving the supercharger system drivability equal to a factory vehicle. No hesitations, no hiccups, no band aids? Just a completely solid car. When you buy from Jackson Racing you get over 30 years of experience in building high quality performance products and Championship winning engineering. All our system testing includes long, hard miles on the street as well as racetrack abuse in the hot California desert.

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It is crucial for us test and abuse our products beyond even what our customers would. We drive our cars daily just like our customers, so our products must be built to the highest quality standards. Oscar Jackson Jr. You can now steer the car with the throttle effortlessly and the power is seamless all the way to redline. Best of both worlds when it comes to sound - supercharger wine with turbo spool and this hiss of the dump valve; transforms the car but doesn't change its character.

This is how it should've come, stock. Doesn't drone and sounds stock at cruising speed but when you light into it, it's a pretty sweet symphony. The performance is there as well. It's even more fun to drive around. Only registered users can write reviews. Please, log in or register. FT SpeedFactory - Your original 86 superstore! My Cart 0 Shopping Cart. Please be advised all JR Kits take weeks to kit up and ship, unless noted as in stock below in the drop down menu. Description Additional Description Details This supercharger system from Jackson Racing is sure to please a variety of people.

Additional Information Installation Instructions No. Average rating. Write Your Own Review Only registered users can write reviews. Actual Price:.User Name Remember Me?

Garage Garage Garages Help. Edelbrock Vs. Which SC to choose: Cosworth Vs. Edelbrock e-force Vs.

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Harrops TVS Edelbrock e-force I'm not sure if it has a similar internal cooling units. Please help me out to choose between the three Why do you think any of them is better than the other two?

With many thanks in advance for your help. Cosworth uses a smaller blower with less headroom than Edelbrock and Harrop, so I wouldn't even consider it. RE Edelbrock intercooler, same set up as the other two, water to air intercooled. Edelbrock has 1 large heat exchanger in the manifold while the other two have 2 smaller ones Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk.

That's all that I can think of Originally Posted by BigFatFlip. Originally Posted by weederr The Cosworth kit is rated at the crank.

Scion FR-S Edelbrock E-Force Supercharger Install

It equates to around whp. I am biased, but I will say the reasons I chose the Cosworth kit over the others was for several reasons.

Edelbrock E-Force Supercharger FRS / BRZ Install

Cosmetics which is subjective of course ; I didn't care too much for the looks of the Edelbrock, but thought the Harrop and Cossie looked pretty OEM. At the time of purchase, the Harrop wasn't available for another 6 months or so, so that was out.

Though I'll admit it seems like a great kit. Since I daily mine, I wanted it to be as reliable as possible. Outside of a slight tweak in my tune, there have been no issues with the kit.

sprintex vs edelbrock frs

I think it just comes down to your budget, and which you think looks best. They are all great kits and I haven't heard much about them.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. E-Comm Sales: Sales: Tech: Skip to the end of the images gallery. Skip to the beginning of the images gallery. In stock.

sprintex vs edelbrock frs

SKU Fast Shipping. Tech Support. Easy Returns. Fast shipping. Edelbrock prides themselves in ensuring all products are shipped as quickly as possible. Easy returns. Edelbrock offers a quick and painless return process on all new and unused products.

Tech support. Edelbrock Tech Support is second to none. We can answer any of your tech inquiries! High quality. Edelbrock core products are made in the USA offering unsurpassed quality and performance. Reviews No reviews added.

Use the E-Force: Edelbrock Supercharger for the Scion FR-S/Subaru BRZ

Value 1 star 2 stars 3 stars 4 stars 5 stars. Submit Review. Its unique inverted design utilizes the Eaton TVS rotor assembly for maximum efficiency in a compact package. This system features an efficient high flow inlet configuration that results in a shorter, less restrictive intake path for improved airflow and performance. An air-to-water intercooler and front mount heat exchanger deliver a cool, dense air charge resulting in dramatically improved performance, especially in the mid-range, where power dips have been eliminated for a smooth linear power curve.

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The supercharger assembly is finished with a durable black powder coating with red accents for a unique look that will let everybody know your car is Edelbrock supercharged! The Edelbrock system is state emissions legal.

The supplied tune is intended for completely stock vehicles with the exception of a cat-back exhaust. PDF-Installation Instructions. For more information, visit www. Supercharger systems without tuners are not eligible for supplemental warranty and are only emissions-legal when used with the correct Edelbrock program.

For safety, the Edelbrock program retains the factory vehicle speed limiter setting.By steveoexigeMarch 25, in Mechanical. I've been waiting for a comparison to appear on one of the forums showing all the supercharger kits available today tested back to back on the same dyno. Incidentally the Sprintex kit is called the Innovate kit in the US.

I'll take it with a pinch of salt, even with the IC setup of the sprintex, it was a hell of a lot cheaper than the AVO setup for arguments sake. But I will admit you can probably push the turbo a little further. Perhaps the pricing is different in the US. Looks like Bob is a bit pissed off with the kit, but he's not quoting any numbers w.

I have to admit, looking at the torque curve, I like the impact the Sprintex has on the low end though. But out of all of them Not quite true, the KW kit is rumoured to have a whine due to the toothed belt. Its not a true mechanical whine though. There's still a lot of variables in that link. No the last Innovate Sprintex dyno plot is both intercooled and with a smaller 70mm pulley.

Tuners comments were:. Given the prices of the kit with the intercooler today, you'll be in turbo territory and hence have a wider and better range of performance offerings at your disposal.

The UK tuners will still make their money as we will always need someone to fit it all and with a more cost effective route to buy the kits in the 1st place there should in theory be more kits for them to fit. I didn't see the last graph. Most people seem to miss the point that the intercooler is more for consistency than to raise figures. The Americans latched onto the fact it doesn't make much more power, but the non-IC will lose power due to the inevitable build up of heat.

To me, that makes it worth the extra cash. Fitting costs are also irrelevant for me, I enjoy doing that myself. The other kits have more involved installs with the exception to the Phantom ESC. The Rotrex kits are still having teething issues just like Vortech and Sprintex did. I guess that's not so important with turbo parts as they can be replaced as individual components.

It all comes down to what suits you best, if I had gone turbo then I'd have done it custom like you. I love the torque curve the Sprintex gives and with the improved rotors the top end should be in direct comparison to the centrifugal kits. My turbo kit shoudn't be hard to fit - well the instructions make it sound easy!The power is modest and reliable, and Edelbrock has seen various stages of the kit make really good power—but in its most basic offering, the kit is good bang for the buck, made with high-quality components, right here in the U.

Before installing any physical parts, the factory ECU will need to be reflashed, using the supplied EcuTek equipment. Having basic laptop tuning experience will come in handy but is not mandatory, nor is it too difficult to navigate with the provided instructions. Once the ECU has been programmed, you can get started on installing the supercharger. Remove any fuel pressure present within the fuel lines and disconnect the negative battery terminal. Drain the radiator fluid.

Now comes the fun part: taking more of your engine parts off. Pull the factory air box, noise generator and intake tube. From the passenger side, remove the ECU mounting-plate assembly so you can access the fuel rail for removal. From the driver side, do the same procedure and inspect the O-rings. Remove the engine harness from the rear passenger-side manifold runner and remove the bolts securing the intake manifold to the cylinder heads.

Carefully tilt the manifold forward and unplug the blue EVAP connector, then carefully remove the intake manifold. An extra set of hands will be helpful here.

Clean the cylinder-head flanges and cover the intake ports with protective tape to prevent any debris from falling into the ports.

Manual-transmission-equipped FRS owners will need to flip and clock the rubber hydraulic line to clear the manifold assembly. Speaking of which, the compressor also needs to be positioned forward. Save yourself a little bit of headache. Pull the factory intake-manifold gaskets, clean and inspect them or replace if needed.

Route the hose to the intercooler and secure with the supplied hose clamp.

sprintex vs edelbrock frs

Attach the supplied surge tank to the other end of the hose and secure it with a hose clamp. Remove the throttle-body O-ring seal from the factory manifold, cut the tip off yes, just the tip and install the O-ring seal onto the supercharger throttle-body flange. Reinstall the factory throttle-body with the connector facing up.Some promoters say you must reply within a certain amount of time or they'll withdraw the prize.

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