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Triumph chassis

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triumph chassis

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Triumph motorcycle engine and frame numbers

Year Save Motorcycle. Don't see your motorcycle? Saved Motorcycles. Related Categories. Sort By:.Triumph Motorcycles use cookies on this website to provide the best experience possible. If you continue you consent to this. You may choose to change your cookie settings. Designed from day one to deliver a modern sports roadster ride, the thrilling higher power and confidence inspiring handling of the new Thruxton RS is supported by all the top quality equipment and advanced technology to represent a true evolution to the original class-defining cafe racer.

After all, this is a motorcycle legend born from the race track, then reborn for modern performance-focused road riding. The peerless combination of a new sporty chassis, high-spec suspension, new Brembo front brake setup and new Metzeler race-spec tires — together with the significant pound weight savings — delivers a higher level of handling, capability and performance.

The new Thruxton RS brakes combine higher spec Brembo 4-piston M50 radial monobloc calipers, twin mm floating Brembo discs and Brembo master cylinder to specifically provide better initial bite, better feel and better fade characteristics for enhanced stopping power giving even greater control.


Impressively, the new Thruxton RS is lighter than previous lower spec Thruxtons. This weight savings of 13 pounds is delivered through lighter weight engine upgrades such as new magnesium cam cover and thin-walled engine covers and a lightweight factory-commissioned battery. Make no mistake, this is a modern motorcycle with all the technology you need for a top quality ride.

The updated 1,cc Thruxton spec twin engine comes along with three enhanced riding modes — Road, Rain and Sport — each mode featuring a dedicated throttle map and also, new on the RS, a dedicated traction control setting for each mode.

Together, these deliver enhanced responsiveness and allow the rider to select the setup that best suits the riding conditions and rider preferences.

Premium standard features include a USB charging port located under the seat for convenient charging of personal equipment, an immobilizer incorporated into the branded Thruxton key and a locking fuel filler cap under the signature flip-top Monza cap.

Stock breakout indicator

A feature-packed twin clock setup with at-a-glance information including riding mode setting, gear position indicator, fuel level and odometer completes the superb rider-focused technology of the new Thruxton RS. The challenges involved in the development of the new Thruxton RS tested the ingenuity of many teams at Triumph Motorcycles over the last four years.

The result is a new RS with both exquisite handling and authentic cafe racer elegance. As precise and responsive as any modern sports roadster, it also delivers a truly unique cafe racer experience and feel. From its engaged rider ergonomics to its cutting-edge technology and innovative contemporary engineering, the new RS is a one-of-a-kind that stands head and shoulders above its imitators.

Exciting engine developments earn this new Thruxton genuine RS status, with more peak power than any of its predecessors.

Triumph Chassis

From creating moments of motorcycling history to representing a generation of cafe racers, this distinctive, beautiful and authentic motorcycle is the newest original Thruxton.On this page you will find TriumphBSAand Norton engine numbers along with frame serial numbers.

Engine numbers are usually located on the drive side of most British motorcycles below the cylinder barrel or above the primary cover on the engine case its self. Often times titles are not correct and do not reflect the "true" year. Below you will find both Triumph engine and frame numbers for Triumph unit twins from and a Triumph models list from Frame and engine numbers will be the same assuming they match as they would of when they left the factory.

InTriumph added a two-letter prefix to the actual engine number in order to indicate the month and model year - but not the actual year of manufacture. In when the coding system would have been repeated, a third letter A was added to distinguish the number from the previous years.

Example: TR ED Below you will find both Triumph engine and frame numbers for Triumph and unit twins from and a Triumph models list from InBSA exactly like Triumph added a two-letter prefix to the actual engine number in order to indicate the month and model year but not the actual year of manufacture. Example A65 Lightning BC Many early BSA unit singles prior to left the factory without matching engine and frame numbers.

Below you will find Norton Commando and engine and frame numbers for all Norton twins produced from Search Home Expand menu Collapse menu. Testimonials Website Tutorial YouTube. Tech Expand menu Collapse menu. Triumph Expand menu Collapse menu. BSA Expand menu Collapse menu. Transmission Wheel. Norton Expand menu Collapse menu. More Links Expand menu Collapse menu. Frame numbers are usually stamped on the left side of the frame towards the top near the triple tree.We offer a comprehensive chassis service supplying complete chassis in a variety of finishes and also supplying individual chassis parts, many of which were not available originally as separate items.

Our chassis are sold on an exchange basis therefor we will need your old chassis back. We need the old chassis as there are some pressed and turned parts of the original chassis that never wear out or corrode badly and these parts are not cost effective to make new.

Our chassis therefor are best described as 'remanufactured'. What you will receive is a chassis that will have a combination of new parts and original parts depending on what chassis parts we have in stock at the time. This may mean that if we have a suitable chassis in stock to use as a starting point for your chassis, then one or both main chassis rails might be original in total or in part. In any event, the chassis you will receive will have been built on our assembly jig and will be strong and fit for purpose.

Any parts we use from an original chassis are shot blasted before incorporation into our remanufactured chassis. We never repair a bent chassis. All chassis we receive that have suffered accident damage are cut up and are remanufactured using one or two new main chassis rails as necessary to ensure all evidence of an accident are eradicated. If you are not able to let us have your old chassis before or at the time of collecting your remanufactured chassis, a deposit will need to be paid until we receive an old chassis from you.

This cost is covered by part number RTR Remanufactured, unpainted. Please see part numbers below for the basic chassis part number for individual models.

The chassis will be supplied in bare steel in 'as welded' condition. We offer two painting services at extra cost. Revington TR information: This charge applies if you are NOT able to let us have your old chassis before or at the time of collecting your remanufactured chassis, this deposit will need to be paid until we receive an We offer a comprehensive chassis service supplying complete chassis in a variety of finishes and also supplying individual chassis parts, We offer a comprehensive chassis service supplying complete chassis in a variety of finishes and also supplying individual chassis parts, many of which were not available Remanufactured Chassis Frame, untreated, We offer a comprehensive chassis service supplying complete chassis in a variety of finishes and also supplying individual chassis parts, many Revington TR information: TR4 middle range chassis frame.

This chassis has vertical rack mountings and long outriggers. Remanufactured Chassis Frame, untreated, We offer a comprehensive chassis service supplying complete chassis in a variety of finishes and also supplying individual Revington TR information: TR4 late chassis frame.Ratco TR6 replacement frames are an excellent way to deal with rusty original frames. Stiffer than original for improved handling. I've told Len how much I appreciate the improvements it brings to the car, but I think it's important you know as well.

When I was toying with the idea of making the move in the fall, I called you to discuss the benefits I could reasonably expect by installing a Ratco frame. Serious cracks had appeared in my old one, mostly around the rear suspension, and I had to decide between a welding job or frame replacement.

This second option being several times more expensive than the first, I was trying to get some reassurance that it would not only return the car to a state of roadworthiness, but that it would provide a noticeable improvement in road handling as well. It is to your credit that you carefully avoided overselling your product.

You said ". It will make a difference, but not to that extent". You went on to describe how rigid your frame was, structurally speaking, but pointed out that a chassis bolted onto a frame, no matter how rigid, has its limits.

I appreciated your honesty and straightforwardness. After mulling over the problem, I decided that in spite of the cost of replacement and perhaps because of the cost of all the previous work I'd put on that car! It would mean keeping the car for at least another five years in order to amortize the investment, but that wasn't a big sacrifice! The job was carried out in January and February, but I had to wait till mid April to get the car onto the road because of the enormous amounts of snow that fell on us this winter.

triumph chassis

I have been driving it now for almost a month. I've owned this car since and have had major work done to it on several occasions, upholstery, paint, complete engine rebuild, transmission overhaul, clutch mods, the list is a long one. Installing a Ratco frame has been the project that has had the most immediate and dramatic effect on driving pleasure. The car feels tight, solid and responsive. These are not usually considered Triumph strong points! Guys, I'm absolutely thrilled!

I thought you should know. Regards Philippe Lalande.Accessibility skip to main content.

triumph chassis

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triumph chassis

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Fridge Magnets. Lapel Pins. Mouse Mats. Parking Signs. Personalised Portraits. Retro Oil Jugs. Gift Certificates.It was at this point that they began to modernize and upgrade to their idea of what the future market would desire. But changing tastes and a desire to upgrade their product led to a management decision to go for a new design. To do this economically they would keep as much of the proven good features of the TR3 as possible and design a new, modern-looking body.

The Italian auto designer Michelotti was approached for the project and agreed to take it on. Entry into the European Common Market and changing tastes in the U.

Roll-up windows were not the only features which were considered desirable. The ventilation and heater system also needed to be fixed and the cockpit interior and luggage space needed to be enhanced.

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With these basic parameters in mind the Italian designer Michelotti came up with a wider, lower and more finely finished body than previous Triumph Roadster TR models. Bumper overriders were kept on the front bumper, but the headlights, parking lights and turn signals were all mounted in the grill.

The hood bonnet was flattened out and hinged at the front. Since the body was now lower to the ground a hood bump was added to to allow for carburetor clearance. Due to the fact that the doors contained roll-up windows the body line now continued parallel to the ground from the windscreen to the rear of the car.

This allowed more space for luggage and spare tire stowage. The body exterior was uncluttered except for a TR4 badge on the hood, narrow stainless steel strips along the top from the front of the hood to the windshield and then continuing from behind the cockpit to below the tail lights and TR4 on the trunk lid.

The body actually came in two versions although the company never capitalized on the fact that they were, in reality, offering a coupe as well as the roadster version.

The first, and by far most popular version, was of course, the convertible still called a roadster — although technically a roadster can not have roll-up windows. The Roadster version had a removable vinyl soft top with three plexiglass windows.

The top was completely removed from the car and stored in the trunk when not in use.

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The convertible top was designed to be watertight by eliminating the front snaps which had held earlier TR model tops in place. The TR4 top had a metal strip inside the front edge. This strip was hooked into the top front of the windshield surround. A permanent bolt-on metal section with a large rear window was fixed around the rear of the cockpit and a removable metal center section was placed over the seats.

The interior cockpit of the TR4 was roomier due to the new 4 inch wider body. In addition, the dash fascia had been moved forward which increased cockpit room from front to back. The tachometer and speedometer were positioned directly in front of the driver and gas, temperature, oil pressure, ammeter gauges and an ashtray were placed in the center of the dash. Also in the center underneath the dash was a lever connected to a vent scoop located on the outside in front of the windscreen.

Opening this vent enabled fresh air to be drawn into the cockpit. Heat was provided by air passing through the heater located under the center of the dash. A fan then pushed the air either up onto the inner windshield or down to the floor. At the outer ends of the dash there were two square shaped vents which allowed unheated fresh air to be routed into the cockpit at chest level. Running vertically down from the center of the dash was a black metal plinth which was bolted to the cockpit floor.

This strengthened the dash area and eliminated movement and rattling. The plinth also held the control knobs for various functions and was where the optional radio was installed. The seats were initially the same seats as the in TR3 although the seat design was changed two more times before the TR4 was replaced in The seats were vinyl or optional leather in a choice of several colors. The doors, and the surrounding sides and rear of the cockpit, were covered in vinyl panels which matched the color of the seats.

The doors also included map pockets and, as mentoned above, the 4 inch wider body resulted in more lateral room for the occupants.


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